Cash Discount?

I was told that sellers of condos in Highland Park, IL, will give a more significant discount for cash deals. Data shows that sellers will, on average, provide a discount


Seasonality of Price and Time

Why winter is as good a time as any to sell. 


Asking The Right Questions About Zillow

I see many videos like this and one thing they tend to have in common is that they are asking the wrong question. They ask how accurate is the Zillow


Effect of School Proximity on Highland Park Home Values

This paper examines the claims that in North Shore School District 112, the presence of a walkable, neighborhood school increases the value of a home, closing of such schools will


Dear Loan Officer,

I am the listing agent for the property your client is negotiating to purchase. I am going to apologize in advance for being a bit short, but this concept is


This was said to me today;



This conversation actually took place today:



Advice Without Knowledge

It happens every winter; someone regurgitates the baseless claim that houses sell for less in the winter months which scores of mindless drones real estate brokers repeat far and wide


$1.1 million Lake Forest flip and the builder couldn’t spring for a Nest.


Michael Jordan Is His Own Biggest Obstacle

Michael Jordan and the people he has hired still don’t get this very basic fact, people who can afford a $14,000,000 house don’t want someone else’s house, they want THEIR