Michael Jordan and the people he has hired still don’t get this very basic fact, people who can afford a $14,000,000 house don’t want someone else’s house, they want THEIR house. I don’t know if Jordan is the active decision maker for this house sale, but if he is, he (like all homeowners) is the biggest obstacle to selling the house.

Chris Rock understands that there are rich people and wealthy people (google it, NSFW) and wealthy people, like having a family crest, have their own stamp they put on their things, they don’t want Michael Jordans stamp (or shadow).

If Jordan wants to sell his house the first thing he should do is hire an interior decorator to remove every hint of Michael Jordan from the house.


  • Jon Ernest
    July 27, 2016, 3:11 pm  Reply

    Or the total opposite, take it off the market, completely deck the place out in Jordan everything, and throw it up on AirBnB for a mere $6500 a day.

    Live like Mike.

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