Evan Kane
Managing Broker

•  I’ve been an agent for both buyers and sellers for 15 years.
•  Long before that I was a native of the North Shore.
•  I’m a member of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association; mostly made up of economists and academics.
•  I’m an expert in foreclosures and short sales. It’s a long game, to be sure, but I have experience and knowledge navigating these transactions and I enjoy it.
•  I’m one of just a few Premier Agents in the area on Zillow. And I’ve been fortunate to receive an uncommonly high number of 5 star ratings on that site from former clients, which at least partly explains the next fact…
•  59%–Nearly 3/4 of my business is referral

“Evan’s unique analysis of the real estate market has allowed me to increase sales and decrease market time on every single listing I have had with him. His approach has actually played a major role in the growth of my business in these tough economic times.”

And this is the reason I’m both a buyer’s and a seller’s agent – you need to understand buyers in order to do a good job of selling and vice versa. I’m a student of behavioral marketing and influence science and I have a proficient understanding of economics, and in fact, that’s what you need to be good at this!

“He drove a lot of traffic to our place and had it sold in under two months – during a very tough market. We were pleased with the money we made. … Evan provided excellent guidance. He knew when to be patient, when to get aggressive and was an excellent negotiator.”

Throughout, I will be an unwavering advocate and protector to get you the best price and terms possible. I can sell your property by the end of the day, though statistically, you’ll likely pay a financial penalty. Note: I do not believe in twisting clients’ arms to sell quickly; your best interest tops all others.

“Evan doesn’t stop at helping you find the perfect property. He is there for you throughout the process of figuring out what you want through supporting you through closing.  When financing became challenging, it was Evan who matched me with the bank.  It is amazing how many quality resources he has and shares.  From search to closing and everything in-between, Evan is there to help.”

Contrary to popular belief, agents do not have secret listings. We all have the same information, so finding the listings is easy – it’s identifying the best property for each client that can be difficult and time-consuming. (But no worries, I’m nothing if not patient… unless someone crosses my client!) I bring a layer of honesty to the process. I won’t put a rosy spin on a problematic property to make the sale; it’s unethical. I’ll point out a property’s negative qualities along with the positive because the best decisions are informed decisions.

“I have bought five houses in my lifetime, two with Evan. There is no comparison between Evan and any other agent I have ever known. He is entirely focused on helping you achieve your goals — buying or selling… He smartly leverages regression analysis to ensure the price is right… And he has a good sense of humor. I recommend Evan without hesitation.”

I’ve been a passionate pioneer in the use of analytic methodologies in residential real estate. I help clients make smart, informed decisions that save them time and money using a number of scientific tools, none of which are unique. So what is unique? How I use those tools collectively to reduce uncertainty and increase predictability. And make clients happy. That’s my specialty.


Brian Greene
Associate Broker

I love my work! Prior to becoming a real estate broker, I was an elementary school teacher for 7 years, a founding member of the Chicago International Charter School, an administrator at the Vernon Hills and Prairie Crossing Charter School where I helped initiate and implement the Illinois Green School movement, and a member of the North American Association for Environmental Education and the Green Schools Network.



Brad Slater
Associate Broker

After graduating, I immediately began working in the Television Industry in Chicago, which led to my inevitable move West.  After living in Los Angeles for almost 12 years, my wife and I decided it was time to plant permanent roots, and call Chicago home.

What began as a hobby on the side, quickly became another passion, and I always knew it was only a matter of time before I made a career out of it.  After a 3 year stint working in Freight Logistics to help get our feet on the ground in Chicago, I decided it was time to jump in to Real Estate full time!

The most important role I play to all my clients, is to take what can be an intimidating, scary, and stressful process, and create an environment where you feel educated, and comfortable enough to make the best decisions possible.

I promise to always do everything in my power to provide the most dependable, effective, and quality service possible.